Solutions for the Environment and Infrastructure

  • Water

    Flood Protection on the Rhine

    file under: Europe, Germany, Water

    When the Ministry of Environment and Conservation determined the need to rehabilitate the flood protection in the area of the Rhine arch Muendelheim, we submitted a design combining the technical specifications with the interests of adjacent communities, and boundary conditions for sensitive waste and water lines. Learn more

Remediation Perspectives Series

  • Combining Remedies for Complex Superfund Sites

    file under: Bioremediation, Environment, Federal Government, Sustainability

    With many of the smaller and simpler hazardous waste Superfund cleanups having achieved their objectives, what remain are very large or complex cleanups, where a single remedial technology alone cannot achieve restoration. Combined remedies leverage multiple technologies to achieve a common remedial goal on complex Superfund sites. Learn more about this topic

Thought Leadership

Introducing our new video series: Tailgate Talks

  • Slide Rule & Hammer

    file under: Design-Build, Federal Government, Industrial, Government

    Introducing "Tailgate Talks," a series of 2-minute videos showing how when engineers and contractors work together through alternative delivery, collaboration leads to safer projects, more innovation and faster results. In our first episode, “Slide Rule and Hammer,” engineer Mike Healy and builder John Weston have been working together for more than a decade to achieve success through design-build.

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Superfund Insights
See how we are enhancing the Superfund program through innovative designs, efficient program management and industry respected thought leadership.

  • Stories that Matter: Getting Back to Business in Libby

10 things to know about green storm water infrastructure
Discover 10 reasons why green infrastructure is a more sustainable approach to managing urban stormwater.